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Vehicle Size Guide

We employ a diverse fleet of vehicles, ranging from small vans to Luton vans. With advanced booking, we can provide any van to ensure efficient and timely transportation.

White Minibuses

Small Van 1.5 m

Our Small Van, an ideal choice for urban deliveries, is designed to transport smaller boxes with a maximum loading weight limit of 400 kg and a height restriction of up to 1 meter, accommodating up to one pallet. Vehicles like our Mercedes-Benz Citan are perfectly suited for swift delivery of items such as documents, medical supplies, and small electronics.

Small Van

Short Wheel Base Van 2.4 m

SWB vans, available in a range of sizes with load space up to 2.4 meters in length, offer enhanced cargo capacity compared to smaller models. Despite their similar driving experience, these vehicles can often handle payloads equivalent to those of larger vans. With the ability to transport up to 800kg of cargo, SWB vans can accommodate two standard pallets.


Medium Van

Long Wheel Base Van 3.6 m 

Designed for transporting heavy cargo, the 3.6 m long wheelbase vans offer the highest weight capacity, making them ideal for hauling substantial quantities of printed materials, IBC liquids, or other bulk palletized goods. For instance, vehicles such as the Citroen Relay LWB, Ford Transit LWB, or similar models, can accommodate up to 3 standard pallets and carry a weight of up to 1150kg.

long wheel base 3.6 metres citroen relay van 2017-2023 model

Extra Long wheel Base Van 4.2 m 

The Extra Long Wheel Base Van offers a practical and efficient solution for the transportation of larger, bulkier items and pallets. With the capacity to load up to 4 standard pallets at a time and bear a weight of up to 900 kg, this vehicle is perfectly suited for transporting elongated items such as poles, bars, lengthy furniture pieces, and fabricated metalwork.

Extra long wheel base van 4.2 metres, Mercedes Sprinter Van

Tail lift Luton Van 

The Luton van offers a practical and efficient solution for transporting larger and bulkier items. Equipped with a cargo door that accommodates up to 6 standard pallets at a time and a weight capacity of up to 1150kg, this vehicle is perfectly suited for the transportation of items such as office furniture and fabricated metalwork. For added convenience, these vans are available with an optional tail lift.

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